Online Consulting Service (OCS)

With the Online Consulting Service the DTC aims to offer a complementary contribution to international and national health policies and attempts concerning "Improving surgical care" by providing backing up instructions and encouragement to all health worker involved in surgery facilitate and develop sustainable long term cooperation structures (hospital twinning including practical support on the spot) develop and introduce medical communication systems and networks of the future.

Our target groups are:

Junior MDs (without or with insufficient surgical training) posted on their own in isolated peripheral hospitals.

Dito expat MDs/GPs and non adapted surgeons asking for second opinion (concerning individual surgical patients), having problems with infrastructure or surgical equipment.

Hospital-/ OT-supervisors, technicians, maintenance/supply-officers, health-agencies, NGOs, sending organizations, missionary societies.


Our consultants and project leaders are listed below sorted by either specialization or country of their projects:

The world map below indicates several projects of DTC members including their specialization and contact details.


Feel free, to contact our consultants or project leaders whenever needed.


If you present a clinical case for discussion of further management you should add to your email all essential clinical findings using a scanner for lab data and/or X-rays or ultra sound photographs. If available you should also use a digital camera to take snaps of the aspects of clinical pathologies eventually of operation sites, wounds, deformities etc. and X-rays and send them attached to your email.
DTC guaranties the permanent availability of at least 2–3 consultants for each clinical/surgical speciality. Post your email request to only one DTC-consultant of your choice and ask for confirmation, that your mail has arrived and been opened. Because the DTC-consultant contacted may be absent the email should also be sent to the office of the DTC ( for documentation and follow up purpose.

Anybody who would like to add a project or his name to the list of consultants is welcomed to send his contact details through the DTC secretary: